Marketing & Selling your Product…

What is Marketing?

  • Capture attention of your target market.
  • Facilitate the prospect’s decision-making process.
  • Give customers a specific low-risk, easy-to-take action facilitating their ability to make a good decision.

SWOT Analysis:

4 P’s of Marketing:

  • Price : Value to the customer
  • Product : Define the product
  • Promotions : Where, where and what are you promoting?
  • Place : Where to find it? Distribution Channels

What is Sales?

The Sales Pipeline

  • full of people who might be interested in buying your products or services. You might call these people your prospects.
  • Fill the Sales pipelines continuously.

Sales Cycle:

  • Initial contact: when the prospect first finds my offering, or when I first communicate with them.
  • Educational phase of the prospect
  • Interest to the purchase
  • Sign the contract
  • Payment

Offering a Vitamin or a Pill?

Listen for Needs and Concerns

  • Ask questions that go deeper into the prospect’s answers to really understand what they need.
  • Ask open ended questions. For example, instead of saying, “Do you want to buy this? “ or “Are you interested in this? “ which is a yes or no question, you would say, “What are the things that you’re looking for “in a product like this?”It’s important that you ask open ended questions and then you let them answer the questions.


Ask for Sale

Ask for Referrals




An Azurer, Web developer, Technologist, Writer, Poet, Runner. Opinions are my own.

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Milind Chavan

Milind Chavan

An Azurer, Web developer, Technologist, Writer, Poet, Runner. Opinions are my own.

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