Azure Monitor : What I learned!

  • Insights : Azure Monitor includes several features that provide valuable insights into your applications and other resources that they depend on.
  • Visualisations : such as charts and tables are often critical when plotting sense from huge data.
  • Optimisations : Based on the Insights and analysis of the data, optimisation takes place and need to respond right a way.

Metric Sources

  • At the bottom of the stack, we have what’s known as platform metrics.
  • At the next level up, we have guest OS metrics. These types of metrics are collected from the guest operating system of a VM.
  • Top level have application metrics, which are created by Application insights for any applications you wish to monitor.

Log Sources

  • Azure Tenant : Any activity that flows through the AD audit log or the AD activity log can be funneled into the Azure Monitor for consumption.
  • Azure Resources : These Resources are quite broad, but it encompasses any kind of service that Azure provides, and it’s meant to be sort of a catchall.
  • Virtual Machine : All the logs about Windows and Linux VM
  • Applications : Request and exceptions, Usage and Performance, Trace data and availability.
  • Insights : VM, Containers, Storage and SAP
  • Security : Security Center and Sentinel
  • Custom

Application Insights

  • Request rates, response times, failure rates,
  • Page views, load performance, performance counters,
  • Dependency rates, response times, failure rates,
  • AJAX calls,
  • Host diagnostics, diagnostic trace logs, exceptions,
  • User and session counts, and custom events and metrics.

Identify Performance issues


Log Analytics

Apdex (Application Performance Index)

Application Map

Actionable Feedback

Automation with Alerts

  • Azure Automation runbooks.
  • Azure Functions.
  • Logic Apps
  • And the last is a webhook.

Action Groups




An Azurer, Web developer, Technologist, Writer, Poet, Runner. Opinions are my own.

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Milind Chavan

Milind Chavan

An Azurer, Web developer, Technologist, Writer, Poet, Runner. Opinions are my own.

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